the iCue Project explained in 3 frames

1. The problem:  authors and site managers are expect to use the same technical tools that are used to build the site 

authors and site managers are expected to use the same technical tools as those used to build the site

The important work of authorship and website management is more technical and less intuitive than it should be.

2. The solution:  develop and deliver a “client” user experience for managing the website and its content

develop and deliver a 'client' user experience for content experts to managing their site

We deliver a user experience that is tailored to the client and content managers.  The interface is simpler, workflows are streamlined and intuitive, sensitive data can be better secured, and we can mitigate against the client inadvertently damaging the site.  Authors can focus on messaging and business needs instead of developing CMS expertise.  Meanwhile, we do not sacrifice features and functionality expected by the power users who build sites.

3. The new discipline

the new discipline: the web developer configures a user experience for one or more users who will be managing the site and its content

It’s all about improving the client’s user experience in managing the website and its content.  This new discipline (the bold blue arrow) is the next big thing that will take website management to the next level.  Web development owns this new opportunity. The iCue Project is about exploring and articulating it:

  • What should this user experience look like?  The iCue Project attempts to discover principles for tailoring the client’s experience in website management and illustrating these with examples. 
  • How do we build it?  The iCue Project explores new techniques, experiments through prototyping, and distributes tools for the web developer who intends to tailor the CMS user experience for his clients.

Are you interested in participating in this journey to discover and practice this new discipline?  We encourage you to sign up for the iCue newsletter.  Then browse the information and resources on this site.

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