• Client Template & Tools

    The essentials for giving your clients a tailored user experience as they work with Joomla. Includes a customizable client template (for backend management) and tools for creating user-specific navigation (quick links and menus).  For the time being, this subscription also include Form Fields Manager (a tool for customizing backend forms and fields)
    This subscription covers the following installable products
      all products for this subscription are bundled into a single install:
    • Client 3 Bundle details page a bundle of extensions that bundles a client template (Client 3), Link Generator, and navigation (Client Links and Client Menus).
    • each item within this subscription can be downloaded and installed individually
    • Client 3 details page a streamlined backend template that can be customized for those who manage a website and its content.
    • Client Links details page tool for creating backend links and module for displaying quick links in the user's backend dashboard. The set of quicklinks can be tailored per usergroup.
    • Client Menu details page tool to generate menu items and organize them into one or more backend menus. Menus can be tailored and displayed per usergroup.
    • Link Generator details page a plugin that generates a link for any backend page and its filter settings. Used by Client Links and Client Menus.
    • Form Fields Manager details page For any given user group, manage the fields on a form - what fields are shown and change certain field attributes.
      This extension will be released by early March.
  • LAB

    The iCue Lab contains a collection of useful plugins and extensions that originated from experimentation and prototyping.  These extensions require no subscription to download, but basic support for them is available through this subscription. 
    This subscription covers the following installable products