Add CSS Files

This plugin allows you to specify CSS files that will added to the headers.  Declare a CSS fiel to add for every page on the frontend and another for the backend.  Declare component-specific CSS files that will be included only on pages based upon that component. 

Backend Advantage:  iCue developed this plugin so that CSS can be applied to tailor backend forms and improve usability - and at a per-component basis.  For example, forms with fields that are not needed by the client can be hidden with CSS rules.

How to use this plugin:
  1. install it into Joomla (2.5 or 3.x).  Open the plugin, set the fields for both the admin and site sections, enable, and save. 
  • Create the needed CSS files and place them in the appropriate CSS directories.  A quick way to confirm the file's name is to view the source code for the page where the file whould be added, and note the path and filename of the CSS file that has been added to the header.
Note that component-specific files will always be the component's full name with the .css  extension.  As an examle: com_content.css.
The path will always be the "css" directory within one of the following (depending on how you configured the plugin):
for administrator:  
for site:

This plugin works for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.x.

Joomla versions:
iCue package::