Client Menu

Create custom backend menus for those who manage the website and its content. A user will be shown the menu and menu items based upon his or her group membership.
The default admin menu was designed for site builders.  This tool allows you to create custom backend menus that provide the relevant links and terms for those who manage the site and its content.  
Each menu item is assigned a title and link.  This package includes a link generator that builds links for any page in the backend: the control panel for a component, a list for a particular data type, and even the edit screen for a particular item, module, plugin, or menu item.  
The link generator also build links that preset the filters to any combination.  Image a link taking a particular backend user to list preset to a particular category and language.  The generated link also preset the ordering of lists. 
Create one menu or a set of menus.  Each will include the set of menu items based upon the user's membership in a user group and/or access level.
Creatae one or more menu.  Create each menu item, assigning it to a particular menu.  Then for each menu, add levels and drag-and-drop the menu items to visually build each menu as you like.
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