Form Fields Manager

Customize the admin forms to display differently per user/role.  Decide what fields the user should see and be able to edit.  Set default values per user when that user creates a new item with that form.  Emphasize or de-emphasize fields per user based upon which fields you want that user to focus on.  Imagine give some users an edit screen that preselects the category and prompts them only for a title and text - options that the user should not set are hidden from that user.
This tool works for any component that uses the Joomla standard JForm and XML files to define its fields. This includes all core components.
NOTE: This product will be released by early March.  All subscribers to the 'Client Template & Tools' will be notified when it is released and will be able to download it.
You declare one or more versions to be applied to your admin forms (e.g., simple, manager) and the role (user group) that is to be associated with the version.  Form Fields Manager finds all JForm-based forms in the admin section of your site and offers you the ability to tailor each of these forms for each version you have declared.  After you complete your edits, Form Field Manager compiles a version-specific XML file that will determine how the form will look to those assigned to this version of forms.
The current options per field are
  • hide
  • read-only
  • declare a level of importance that add a CSS class to emphasize important fields and de-emphasize infrequently used fields
  • set the default value (applied when the form generates a new item)
Below is a screen shot of Form Field Manager opened to the Articles form field (the form used to create and edit articles)
Form Fields Mgr - open to com_content's Article form
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