Set Filters

This plugin allows you to create admin URLs with parameters that autoset the filters and list options on a page.  The parameter settings will persist (within the user's session) until changed. 

This plugin is needed to repair behavior that was dropped beginning in Jomla 3.2.0., thus restoring the ability to set filters thorugh a backend link. 

Backend Advantage:  iCue developed this plugin so that dashboard links will take one to a list that is preset to just the items relevant for a user and the task that he/she wants to begin.  For instance, a dashboard link could lead to a list of articles of a certain category or tag or author or language, in any combination that is relevant.  A dashboard link can take one to a list of all the modules of a certain type or in a certain position, or in any combination needed.  And for any list, the dashboard link and specify the number of items to display and/or their ordering.   ...but this plugin is needed to repair the problem introduced in Joomla 3.2.0.

Use in conjunction with Client Links and/or Client Menu which provides a link generation tool that creates backend URLs with the needed filter parameters.

How to use this plugin:
  1. install it into Joomla (2.5 or 3.x).  Enable the plugin.
  • create backend links with URL parameters (described below)
 Creating a backend URL with filter parameters.

These links can be auto-generated by the iCue components Client Links and Client Menu.  What follows is an explantion as to how you can create them by hand.

  1. navigate to the page with the list
  2. inspect the HTML code to find the "name" of teh dropdown's input field.  This should start with either "filter" or "list."
  3. Note the "value" of the option yo uwant to select.  Often, but not always, it will be a number.
  4. the filter parameter (or list parameter) should be formed like this: filter_category_id=8  so that the parameter name always starts with "filter_" or "list_"
    1. If the HTML has the filter's name in this form: "fitler_category_id", then use "filter_category_id".
    2. In some 3.x versions of Joomla the input names might be formed like an array: "filter[category_id]".  Convert that to "filter_category_id".
    3. The same formatting applies to "list" dropdowns.
This plugin is installed as needed by other iCue Products:  the components Client Links and Client Menu, the plugin tool Generate Links.

This plugin can be installed on Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.x, but because this plugin was created to fix missing behavior introduced in 3.2.0, it can be disabled in earlier versions, and it is possible that future versions of Joomla will restore this native behavior so that the plugin can be disabled.

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